Ionic Tutorials

Ionic UI – Design Challenge – Incoming Expenses [Screencast]

In this article of Ionic design challenge we are looking at this expense app dribbble shot. We are going to convert the lower part of the design (as marked in the screenshot below) using ionic built in components. If you are more of a video person that I have also attached the video the end […]


FUD of Blogging

FUD is very nice acronym for Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. I just recently discovered it on the article where some Hybrid App negativity was cleared. What FUD has to do with blogging. It is thoughts that procrastinate you from writing your next amazing piece, or pressing the Publish Button. At some point of blogging we all […]

HTML Tutorials

Native Modals using HTML Dialog Element

Native Modals is all discussed next. I will go through the existing solutions and recreate a minimal modal with HTML dialog element. For the sake of brevity, lets keep the styling and interactions for next article. Dialog, popup, modal, alerts or popover you name it. All there job is to take user attention for what […]

Tutorials Vue

Toolbar items placement in Vuetify 2.0

Vuetify is Vue based progressive framework that supports SSR, SPA and PWA. You can read more about it here. How it looks when we have v-modal; with content of v-toolbar inside a v-dialog; let’s see them along with some cards In the header of title we have two action buttons. One before a X / […]

Java Script Tutorials

Shuffle an Array by extending built-in objects

Imagine if you transform your data like array for most of the time. Often times for loop with other variables are used to do the job. If it’s repeated than that code is extracted to its own function. Why not we extend the built in Array method and make it simple to use. Shuffle an […]