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TIL Week 27 2023: Stow, fzf, Angular Router gotchas

This is regular week update, of things I have discovered in my daily workflow. Its a nice place to come back in future. I also share because this might help other developers. They might come across similiar situation. Stow – Manage config file Up until this point I was only working on single machine to […]

Angular Java Script Tutorials

Component Immutability and RequiredArray

While reading through component design, one of the recommended tip is to never mutate the input properties. Let’s look at the example below. (I am using Angular but same can apply to other frameworks) Here sort is a mutable operation. This not only sort the array but also mutates the array. I have prepared the […]

Angular Nx Tutorials

Getting Started with Angular and Nx

This is a series of post which will cover array of topics. The application in question needs a component library (Angular Components aka Angular Material). A CSS Utility Library to take care of adding styles (Tailwind). A way to develop, document and test components (Storybook). Last but not least, move the load off to the […]

CSS Tutorials

Always align item to one side with Flexbox

Flexbox provides all kind neat solution to complex scenarios. We will use some properties of CSS Flexbox to properly align the orphan flex item. Imagine you have the html form with two buttons. One is called submit and other one is called reset. The reset button resets the form to its initial state. These buttons […]

Ionic RxJS Tutorials

From Ionic Event to Rxjs Subjects

My Ionic Expense application uses hammerjs to add touch gestures. This app has very little gestures, just couple of swipes when changing dates. So I tried to add them but they are only available in ionic/angular version 5. As soon I updated, the Ionic Events broke, hello to rxjs subjects. Ionic Events are removed from […]