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How I learned call() and apply() in JavaScript

In the past whenever I came across code snippets with the usage of call() and apply(). I would ignore them as they appeared to be on advanced level. It was scary for me, as any new thing is. Than I found this code snippet function add(){ console.log(arguments) //Arguments { 0: 1, 1: 2, 2: 3, […]


Finally getting hold of Object Oriented JavaScript

I have forever procrastinated about JavaScript Object Oriented Nature. This post is still under construction. Which will updated as I learn more about this topic. What’s the best way to learn about Object Oriented JavaScript than to trying it. Getting you hand dirty. Experimenting it. Playing it. It is my longing desire to know all […]

Ionic Link

How to effectively host Ionic PWA to Heroku

Ionic PWA can also be read as Ionic Progressive Web App.

Ionic Opinions

How to solve an Ionic app crashing on launch

Suddenly all of my Ionic apps started crashing. This is the error I got. TL;DR, If chrome is not present or disabled than your ionic app might crash on launch. This rules only applies on debug builds of your app. Continue reading if you want to know how I figured it out. There might be […]

Angular NGRX Opinions Tutorials

NGRX Actions & Unexpected Enum Bug

Enums are set of named constants. Their ability to create a set of distinct cases makes it best option to use with our ngrx reducers. We use those enums to represent NGRX actions as