Java Script Tutorials

Shuffle an Array by extending built-in objects

Imagine if you transform your data like array for most of the time. Often times for loop with other variables are used to do the job. If it’s repeated than that code is extracted to its own function. Why not we extend the built in Array method and make it simple to use. Shuffle an […]


JavaScript Array slice and splice

If you have used JavaScript arrays than you surely know it’s length property. Arrays also come with built in methods. In this article I will talk about slice and splice. What they are and where they can be used. They manipulate our arrays. Sometime mutating the original array sometimes not. While writing JavaScript you will […]


How To Reverse A String In JavaScript

JavaScript algorithm like how to reverse a string is a well know JavaScript Challenge. Solving it will really teach you different techniques of JavaScript string manipulation. In this article, we will be going through all the steps involved in successfully outputting a “Hello World” in its reversed form as “dlroW olleH”. So let’s get cracking. Problem The […]