FUD of Blogging

FUD is very nice acronym for Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt. I just recently discovered it on the article where some Hybrid App negativity was cleared.

What FUD has to do with blogging. It is thoughts that procrastinate you from writing your next amazing piece, or pressing the Publish Button. At some point of blogging we all go through those negative energy questions. In fact, right now; while writing I am going through FUD. That’s why it’s necessary to answer some questions.

Am I good Enough

Am I going to cover the topic good enough. Will it convey the message. Comparison kills the joy. The 1% that have same problem, that resonate with you is your audience. Write for them. Being specific will make it easier to describe. If you want a global audience so be it. Write for the people who knew less than you.

It has already been covered

People have written about it. People like industry experts have written it really well. How my voice going to make any standout appearance?

Elizabeth Gilbert in her book “The Big Magic” explains that for instance self-help is already covered countless times but people are still writing about it. But have you covered it? Have you wrote about it, where is your perspective?

Any thing that you want to write about is already covered at some point in past. This doesn’t means you should stop. Because every one has it’s own perspective, own opinion. Readers comes for that unique views and analysis.

If you want to rewrite about something that you covered last month, they would end up different posts. The newer one might have found a new perspective and experience.

Wrap Up

All those internal debate and critics will go down, if you are just out there pushing the content. Sometimes when I revisit an old post, I’d amazed (unwittingly it requires improvement 😁) because it has a unique perspective. That’s why its alive.

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