Finally getting hold of Object Oriented JavaScript

I have forever procrastinated about JavaScript Object Oriented Nature. This post is still under construction. Which will updated as I learn more about this topic.

What’s the best way to learn about Object Oriented JavaScript than to trying it. Getting you hand dirty. Experimenting it. Playing it.

It is my longing desire to know all the intricacies of JavaScript that makes it Object Oriented. But then I heard words like JavaScript has no true classes and inheritance. Things are prototypically linked. Even the latest ECMAScript Version WHATEVER! came up the CLASSES are using prototypes behind the scenes.

This and many other reasons halts the progress of going further in this subject. If you write JavaScript you can’t get away from keywords like ( I don’t know whether I should them keyword or just things or words) this, prototype. They would show up everywhere. Having no proper background I would painfully avoid them.

So I have started learning seriously about this topic. Fun Fun Function youtube channel cleared some of the concept. As he says it finally clicking. I have also opened Eloquent JavaScript The Secret Life of Objects.

So far these are the things that I have learned so far.

  1. This has a great interface. Now here this could be anything. this is meaningless until there is a context. Similarly a this in a function will be known from where the function is called.
  2. Function are just like values. They can be assigned to variables. They can be passed around as another function arguments just like primitive values like string, numbers or booleans.

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