Why Blog, Create when nobody cares

Why Blog?

Why Make videos?

Why Create?

Impostor Syndrome hits every at some point of their life. For me it affects my blogging. I lose motivation to write next article. Zillions of negative thoughts aide the writer block. In order to fight them, I collect pieces of advises from other creators (that I came across accidentally). How they perform in such situation; let’s find out.

Jeff Atwood from says that

  • You need to write very often and only then you are going to better. He further compares it with a saying that if you never leave your house you will never get a date.
  • He adds that, before publishing I give several read to the post.
  • He shared advice of Raymond Chandler that you writing should sound like you are talking to somebody. If it looks like writing than rewrite it.
  • Think of your blog post as you are going to talk about the same topic to people in conference talk.

Kyle Simpson in his Office Hours with Kyle Simpson – Frontend Masters says that
  • Do lot’s and lots of writing as practice and the good place is your blog. A lot of author started as blogging and after writing good 20 30 posts. They converted them into book
  • Write a three paragraph when you have some understanding of topic, put it out there, get feed back and improve it.
  • Don’t wait up until you master of any topic, start as early as possible, get lot of feedback and that will make you better

Kirupa Chinnathambi – Non Breaking space show (Ep-125)

Kirupa Chinnathambi works as a Program Manager in the Web Platform team at Microsoft. Here is his reply.

Blogging is important because it’s my way of retaining knowledge. If you teach somebody you would better understand and remember it. In order ensure remembering you better write and blog about it. I love to share what I learn from conferences, meetups

Kyle Simpson in his interview at A better developer through collaboration – Fixate it podcast talks about contribution at 13:45 as
  • I feel that I’m not good enough to put out my content out there, If I do people will thing that I don’t know what I am doing
  • If someone’s hoarding their code, and not making it public, it might be because they don’t know how bad their code is, or they don’t know how much they need other people’s help.

Aaron Powel in his recent blog post talks about on Why Blog

If you write something because you want to write it and you enjoyed writing it, then who’s to say it wasn’t valuable? You’re not measured by the number of page views in Google Analytics

Ethan marcotte has a advice for new designer and developers

Set up a blog somewhere, anywhere, and write as much as you can. If I’m in a position to hire you, I don’t just want to see the quality of your final mockup, your finished set of templates: I want to learn how you got there. I want to read what worked, what didn’t, and the decisions you made along the way

Sara Souedan wrote about something I haven’t read it yet but it’s title is Just Write

The Art of Side hustle talks about why you should have side project and how it’s helps your main 9-5 job.

Sarah Drasner on Perfectionism on this tweet

Joe Eames wrote on Medium why we should Create

But stop to answer something: why did you start in the first place? Was it because you wanted to be famous or rich? If so that’s not going to keep you going in your darkest moments. But if it was because you had something you needed to create, something inside of you that needed to be made/expressed/mastered, then it’s time you brought your mind back to when that thing was bursting to get out and you started this whole process.

Joe Eames – link to full article

Ania Kubów documents the JavaScript Games on Youtube and hence found

“If your worries about equipment are preventing you from starting a YouTube channel, I started mine in Jan 2020 using my phone and the sun as lighting!! Don’t let equipment stop you from creating. Get the fancy stuff later! 🥰 “

Anita Kubow – link to tweet
Ania Kubów #JavaScriptGames tweet about journey from 0 to 100k subscribers on youtube with no equipment to fancy ones

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