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NGRX Actions & Unexpected Enum Bug

Enums are set of named constants. Their ability to create a set of distinct cases makes it best option to use with our ngrx reducers. We use those enums to represent NGRX actions as

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Barrel file benefits in JavaScript

Barrel file is a single place to re export your functions, variables etc for your modules. I have divided this post into Introduction Caveats Case Study

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Fix Angular Error: Cannot set base providers because it has already been called

Those of you who are getting into angular testing, normally face this error. Usually this happen when we set the testing environment for Angular. These are the lines These are the culprits TestBed.initTestEnvironment( BrowserDynamicTestingModule, platformBrowserDynamicTesting() ) // or wrapped in beforeAll beforeAll(() { TestBed.initTestEnvironment( BrowserDynamicTestingModule, platformBrowserDynamicTesting() ) }) Diagnosing & Solution I might not have […]

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Add Dynamic data to ng2-chart

Previously on this blog. Person A: I need a chart on my app, which looks like a circle. A circle without the center. Person B: A what, you mean pie. Person A: Not a pie it has it’s name. Person B: “What name” Person A: It start with d, da, a  Person B: A doughnut chart […]