Web Development Terms Roundup

In this very first roundup of web development terms we are going to cover following topics:

These definitions are just my personal opinions. 


Library is like a book library you can take one or another. You can take one piece or whole bunch of it.

You can write your application or extend it however you want using those bits and pieces


Framework is like framework of house. It really defines how the house gonna look, how is going to be shape where the rooms are. JavaScript Frameworks tells how your app will look, where different parts of the application going to be. How they gonna talk to each other. how data is saved.

So when you use library you are making available your self different pieces of functionality when you use framework you are getting whole lot of built in functionality. You are actually tying yourself down to a particular way of working


It stands for Document Object Model. As opposed to a long piece of text, the DOM represents a tree of elements of the final web page: the properties of the individual elements, and which elements are inside other elements.

It’s a model used to structure html documents. Each html document is broken down to Tree like structure where each html tag is a node of a tree. Each tag has further attributes like width, class etc


It’s like a speaking language between two codes, two computers. Browser vendor write code and we use API to interact with their code. API are standards so they aren’t limited by browser you use.

For code interaction or scripting language API should always be the same.

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