Link: JavaScript Cheat Sheet

I have come across a resource that I wouldn’t only consider a cheat sheet, a reference but also a refresher. Previously we had to rely on utility libraries like underscore and lodash in order to extend JavaScript built functionalities but  with ES6, ES6 and ES7 (new version of Standardized JavaScript or EcmaScript, EcmaScript is the standard where JavaScript is the implementation) on its way, all of these features have their built support. In that case it’s a good idea to revisit and get hold of JavaScript by visiting this resource.

Image Linking to JavaScript Cheat Sheet

New Post Series

This is a short article of it’s kind where I have linked to awesome resource on the web. Long before Search Engines there were web directories. And before that the only way to link up to the web or written piece to be ever found was to use <a> anchor tags. I am looking forward to share more such links that interests me.

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