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You might get most sense of what I’m about to say if you head over to

Top 10 Must to Learn SEO Tips for bloggers in 2014

I pretty much agree with every thing the article is talking about whether it talks about creating back links or linking internally in your site or article base. But it really intrigues me When it comes to point 6, which is guest posting.

Why it Worries me

I hope you read the aforementioned article and helped me not to summarize the entire article, so that I’ve more time prove my point.

The author give us great use of guest posting and how to directly link your blog from the post your are writing as guest and how it’ll help rank your site better along with direct organic traffic

Once it gets published, you would get direct organic traffic and greater chance to increase your blog ranking.

Kiran Yasmin

But it’s a very bold statement your making in this time and age if you really care about Search Engine Optimization, because Google has changed so much, Panda or Humming Bird and other unnamed updates Click here to find more about how Google frequently updates. Even Matt Cutts has to back paddle every now and then.

Let’s what he say in October 2012

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To summarize it a bit.

Guest posting is good because it brings good insights and great information

But you would  definitely get confused when you watch this video of same person
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I wouldn’t recommend that you make it only way to gather links or send thousands of email to just blog on some one else site

What I got from those videos

May be in my writings you will not see a clear answer to that article and but that’s I’ve understood that article and that’s how I’m supporting this response.

Either Matt Cutts was right from the start or we have miss read it completely. Anyway you should keep you eyes open not only as a guest poster but as an owner of a website too. Because a lot of small business got into this trap. They are thrilled when they get requested for guest posting but sooner they realize that they are spammed too much. Your website reputation will get affected if you site links to an online resource which has low quality content.

Normally this happens when we outsource our Site’s Search Engine Optimization. Because spammer are get paid for back linking and soon they will disqualify articles with too much spamming, as their only job is to create back links. Google will discount any kind of link building technique that duplicated and  the one that is not natural

Guest Posting Still has its Place

Guest Posting may not get you any where closer to SEO, but I’m telling you don’t discount Guest Blogging altogether. When you write for other blogs, you’re introducing yourself to that blog’s existing audience. You can still create relationship or expose yourself to new audience. With that keep in mind, it’s necessary to submit posts on the blog that has consistent flow of traffic. People will know you better if you are keep writing well just because of Guest blogging.

These are my opinions, I will definitely wait for the follow up comments or posts. Share your precious thoughts.


Reference: The decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO

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Hello samiullah,

Very informative post indeed. You convered all the facts on guest blogging that I was unaware of. An ultimate post for all the bloggers. Great research done. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

Have a great weekend. 🙂

I think guest posting has many positive points.

1. If you share something interesting and useful people trust you.

2 . You can make new friends online, you can learn from them and teach them as well.

3. You can build audience for your blog as well, you can get more subscriber.

4. By sharing you can learn something new as well.

One of the biggest mistakes i made i never started guest post ing for a long time and never shared my knowledge, i thought when i will start my blog i will publish on my blog, i failed to start a blog for a long Time and then i forgot what i learned.

I’d highly recommend start sharing as soon as possible,

I am working on a free video course.

Create and manage selfhosted wordpress website

Course will be available in urdu and english inshAllah. Will inform you when available.

You have mentioned some great points, and it’s all about making online presence.
But If you care about SEO than you definitely have to take great before accepting any guest posts. Because recently and very successful blogs got hit by guest post spamming.

Other than that I praise your effort on creating video course and distributing them freely, we are going to wait for that.

due to the google algorithm updates many bloggers have lost hope from blogging but link building and guset posting is always best practice for bloggers we have to create a big community for bloggers like guest posting to great high quality backlinks to own website for better reputation.
Thats a big burden for new bloggers in paksitan….
((((((google updates)))))

Penguin 2.0 23 May 2013

Unnamed Update 17 December 2013

Panda Dance 6 June 2013

Hummingbird 21 August 2013

Penguin 2. 5 October 2013

That’s quite a saying Muhammad Yousaf, but one start his writing/blogging or SEO career altogether while keeping google guide lines in his mind, rather looking for shortcuts or spam around he will always find a way for himself and in addition, there is no denial the he’ll enjoy it even.

Samiullah Khan Informative Post Bro , i have one question, what if we build backlinks by commenting on blogs, and after few months that or any of those blog gets Penalized by Google Penalty, will our reputation will also be effected??? waiting for your reply.

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