What it’s like Reading Online

While reading on computer screen you do have control over your central vision but not your peripheral vision. Normally whenever you try to read on computer screen as it’s not possible to open all of RSS feeds into separate tabs and print them all.

Either you have to gaze at the screen all day and enjoy all sort of animation, blinking of those invaluable ads, things that will consume user attention or just print it on the paper and read it the way you read a newspaper without worrying much about distraction.

In addition to have a distraction free reading, you don’t have to care about eye strain relief. Albeit the eye strain easily go away while you rest your eye but sometime it takes more time for eye strain to take away due to extensive use of computer screen.

Unless you move the article to an application like Microsoft One Note or Evernote; you don’t have the ability to highlight or easily mark the more important part or for instance quotes and add you annotations while this is much possible with the print version.

Usually there are other factors also involved in reducing the speed of reading like facebook status notification,new email notification or my IM messages.


I’ve made my decision to read long article on paper that on screen due to above reasons. I’ll let you people jump in and share your opinions.

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