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December 2017



Challenges with JavaScript date and Ionic ion-datetime

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Javascript date and ionic ion-datetime

Dealing with JavaScript has never been easy for me. In JavaScript Today’s date is represented as 2017-11-23. It’s December but no where you can find 12 in it. That’s because months in JavaScript starts from “Zero”. That’s first confusion for you. Ionic comes with ion-datetime component which lets you easily choose date and time. With native UI and feel for your […]



June 2017



Coding Activities for Week 25 2017

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Coding activities for week 25 2017 technbuzz.com

Looking at the above graph, It’s good that I am keeping the goal of spending 3 hours purely on coding. Well my tracker doesn’t track the time that is spend on debugging/researching a particular problem. For this week I switched back to the Ionic. Which is also build on top of Angular. As angular has […]