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Coding Activities for Week 26 2017

Written by on 6 July 2017



July 2017



weekly report of technbuzz.com for week 26 of 2017 covering ionic 2, Angular and node

Hey Everybody, As I don’t have much on the activity graph but I have much to share and explain. Last week I updated Node.js to it’s latest release  (from 6.11 to 8.1.3) and boom. Every piece of code that is based on node.js stopped working. Rest of the story can be found here.

This weekly report is further divided into:

  • Things Learned
  • Things Discovered or Facts

Things Learned


IonicPage and Page Module

When ever we use a ionic command

ionic generate page Cats

This command does a very good job creating all the necessary files for a component. That Includes markup, style, class and module.ts file. But this doesn’t add ‘CatsPage‘ to declaration and entry components block. (which is required for a component to be exposed in angular world). My coworkers would address to remove the module file entirely as well as @IonicPage() decoraters from cats.ts file.

If you remove the cats.module.ts file than you have to do extra work and further clutter the main module.


Notice in above line the ItemDetail is inside the string which also means that we don’t need to import ItemDetail page if @IonicPage is leveraged.

Things Discovered

From Phonegap to Cordova

First and foremost, whenever hybrid mobile apps are discussed one other project is also mentioned. Originally called Phonegap built by Nitobi. In 2011, Adobe bought Nitobi and the phonegap framework is donated to the Apache Foundation. The project was eventually renamed to Apache Cordova (which is actually street of Nitobi’s office in Vancouver, Canada)

Ionic templates after compilation

Ionic Cli has the tendency to generate the running version of your app. Where it pre-compiles and included it in to main.js file. No separate template files like html can be found in the build folder.


Wrap Up

This wraps up this weeks report. I hope you have learned a thing or two. I am eager to entertain your valuable feedback.


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